Programme Presenters

Beverley FM has the finest team of 63 presenters and contributors. Many come from a professional radio background and donate their time because they believe in what we are doing here at Beverley FM. They are passionate about Beverley and East Yorkshire and determined to give you the best in radio programming. It’s interesting to note that Beverley FM has more local programmes and local presenters than any other radio station in East Yorkshire!

If you would like to become a programme presenter at Beverley FM click HERE.

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Adam SmithLes SmithSimon Bromwich
Alex DunnLiv MounsorSteve Bishop
Amy BuryLynne WallisSteve Eccles
Amy JibsonMax RobertsSteve Lazenby
Andy DonkinMike TrySteve Redgrave
Andy FeaNeil RuddTerry Wallis
Andy HenleyNic GoughTim Jibson
Andy SaundersNick HedgesTom Lakin
Chris BibbyNick JamesTony Barker
Cliff BaillieNigel Roberts
Dave FewsterPaul Baker
Dave HarperPete Haslam
Dave HudsonPeter Fairhead
Emperor RoskoPhil Butler
Gary ZiepeRachael Campey
Gemma WilkieRichard Gray
Ian ClennanRob Beezley
Ian GowRob CharlesSport Contributors:
James WattRob LangleyGeorge Dean
Jodana WeekleyRobbie WestJames Wildbore
John BrienRodney CollinsMartin Cattle
Jonathan LevyRoger DayTom Cavanagh
Jonathan MorrellRoy Woodcock
Julie ScottRyan Sutton
Lee TemplemanSimon Barrett