Nic Gough

What show do you present and when?

World of Reggae – Every Thursday from 9pm!

What do you love most about being at Beverley FM?

I love being at Beverley FM because it gives me an opportunity to introduce people to the vastness and diversity of Jamaican and Jamaican-influenced music. I play everything from Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Roots, Dub, Dancehall, Rub-A-Dub, Steppers, 2Tone,  Dub, Rockers and Toasting right back to early Calypso and Mento

If you could travel anywhere you haven’t already been, where would it be?

My dream destination would be either Havana in Cuba or driving The original Route 66 or PanAmerican Highway

Where’s your favourite place in East Yorkshire?

My favourite place in East Yorkshire is without a doubt Spurn Point. I love beachcombing there – you find some weird and wonderful stuff washed up – the sad part is the large amounts of plastics and trash that are washed up too. It is so tranquil and I can walk for hours in the winter months without seeing more than a handful of people – a place to reflect and be inspired by

What’s your favourite comfort food?

My favourite comfort food has to be chocolate – which I can shift in large amounts