Dave Harper

What show do you present and when?

I present the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hour every Thursday from 7pm. Harper’s Bizarre every Wednesday from 8pm! And you can also hear my pearls of wisdom and shafts of wit each Saturday on our sports show, The 3 o’clock kick-off, from 2!

What do you love most about being at Beverley FM?

I love having the opportunity to bring pleasure and entertainment, be it through music or sport, to our listeners.

If you could travel anywhere you haven’t already been, where would it be?

Cuba – I love the music, rum, cigars, boxing, classic 50’s cars, dancing, old buildings etc. I’d also like to take music tours around Jamaica plus America.

Where’s your favourite place in East Yorkshire?

One of the side rooms at Nellie’s, next to Beverley bus station. Pint of mild, gas lights, roaring fire and good company – what more could you want?!!!

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Not sure if it’s classed as “comfort food” but I’m voting for a big bowl of Scouse just like my mum used to make (mutton and root veg stew if you’re wondering).