An Inside Look at Beverley FM

We thought you would like to see what Beverley FM looks like on the other side of the microphone and where our volunteer team members broadcast and work.

First is the reception/waiting area where on-air guests can relax before going into the studio. Next is the office area. In addition, there is a large meeting room which is used during normal times for programme planning, presentations to visitors, and board meetings.

However, the place most people ask us about are the studios and we have three at Beverley FM! Studio 1 is the main live on-air studio and is pictured first. Secondly, you can see Studio 2 which is mainly used for programme-making and occasionally live on-air too. And lastly, we have Studio 3 which is used for programme production and recording.

All of us feel very fortunate to have such wonderful facilities to work in at Beverley FM. Of course, facilities are nice to look at but what’s really important to us all here is the quality of the programmes that we produce at Beverley FM. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking behind the scenes and hope to welcome you for a visit or as an on-air guest in the future!