Nick Palmer

What show do you present and when?

Lunch Time Music – Saturday 12 till 2.

What do you love most about being at Beverley FM?

After being in Radio for over 25 years I lost the appetite for a few years. So, when I felt time was right to return being a big advocate of Local Radio, and with Beverley FM is all about the local community it was an obvious choice. There’s a real cosy feel to the place right in the heart of Beverley.

If you could travel anywhere you haven’t already been, where would it be?

I’ve done quite a few so It’s difficult to say, but probably Japan is the biggest wish. There’s just something about the place that fascinates me. 

Where’s your favourite place in East Yorkshire?

Has to be anywhere along the coast I love walking and the sea air really helps you sleep too. And of course, Fish and Chips from the seaside tastes better.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

I love Chinese or a good curry, well any food really as anyone who knows me can testify