Murray Rose

Vintage Jukebox – every Tuesday 6pm – 8pm

Murray is a relative newcomer to both radio presenting and to Beverley FM. Back in 2012, Murray bought a kit-built replica of a Willy’s jeep and stared taking it to 1940s events with a portable, battery powered, speaker and a laptop. With Jill, his wife, and with a group of friends, Murray would play music from the 1940s to get people up dancing and then pass a collection box around to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. That developed into regular bookings to appear at events with the jeep and, by now, a bigger and better sound system. The next step was to become a dance/event promoter, booking bands and other DJs for charity fundraising dances.

Murray’s first show on Beverley FM was a Vintage Christmas special in 2022 and he started his first weekly programmes in March 2023. The Vintage Jukebox is on every Wednesday between 8pm and 10pm. It would be fair to say that the music played is quite an eclectic mix. The programme is based around the music of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s – so lots of jazz, swing and blues. The music is great for dancers, with lots of jive, Lindy, Balboa, sequence dances, novelty dances and ballroom but there is always something more. Whether it be cover versions of jazz classics by local artists or by modern performers on the circuit, or a look into the music of Africa or the occasional dip into local punk and Northern Soul, here is usually something for everyone in the Vintage Jukebox.

If there are local vintage dance classes or events in the area then if Murray knows about them he will mention them in the show so get in contact if you want to advertise your dances.