Beverley Town Council Election Results May 2023

(number of councillors to be elected)

Beverley Minster North Ward (3)

1 Peter Astell – 282 Lib Dems282
2 Bob Morgan – 220Lib Dems220
3 John Rebecchi – 212Lib Dems212
Not elected – David Elvidge (Con), Jackie Heffer (no party) Margaret Pinder (Labour)

Beverley Minster South Ward (4)

1 Tom AstellLib Dems831
2 Adrian RamsdaleLib Dems721
3 Eliza WhitakerLib Dems 702
4 Graham JohnsonLib Dems652
Not elected – Harry Bulmer (Conservative), Ron Laden (Lab), Tony Maione (Lab)

St Mary’s East Ward (4)

1 Linda JohnsonLib Dems 712
2 Alison HealyLib Dems708
3 David HorsleyLib Dems700
4 Pedro ReginaLib Dems583
Not elected – Peter Stevens (Con)

St Mary’s West Ward (3)

1 David BoyntonLib Dems891
2 Denis Healy Lib Dems 862
3 Cheryl GilesLib Dems843
Not elected – Elaine Aird (Con)

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