Other East Riding Council Election Results May 2023

Count starts at 9:30am Friday 5 May 2023
Elected Councillors

Bridlington Central and Old Town (2)

1 Liam Dealtry Independent hold
2 Maria Ibbotson Conservative Hold
Turnout: 23.17%

Bridlington North (3)

1 Jayne Phoenix Liberal Democrat Hold
2 Mike Heslop-Mullens Liberal Democrat Hold
3 Thomas Robson Liberal Democrat gain from Conservatives
Turnout: 32.85%

Bridlington South (3)

1 Andy Walker Yorkshire Party hold
2 Tim Norman Yorkshire Party Hold
3 Rick Arrand Yorkshire Party gain from Conservatives
Turnout: 19.08%

Cottingham North (2)

Phillip REDSHAWLiberal Democrat gain from independent
Alex DUKELabour gain from independent
Turn-out 35.11%

Cottingham South (2)

Carolyn CANTRELL Labour gain from Conservatives
Kevin CASSON Labour gain from Conservatives
Turn-out 35.28%

Dale (3)

1 Terry Gill Independent hold
2 Richard Meredith Conservative hold
3 Coleen Gill Independent gain from Conservative
Turnout: 32.40%

Driffield and Rural (3)

1 Mark Blakeston Independent gain from Conservative
2 Matt Rogers Conservative hold
3 Michael Lee Conservative hold
Turnout: 26.76%

East Wolds and Coastal (3)

1 Charlie Dewhirst Conservative hold
2 Jonathan Owen Conservative hold
3 Denise Howard Conservative hold
Turnout: 30.15%

Goole North (2)

Anne HANDLEYConservative Hold
Nick COULTISHConservative Hold
Turn-out 19.78&

Goole South (2)

Barbara JEFFREYSIndependent Hold
David JEFFREYSIndependent Hold
Turn-out 14.47%

Hessle (3)

David NOLANLiberal Democrat Hold
Simon PICKERINGLiberal Democrat Hold
John BOVILLLiberal Democrat Hold
Turn-out 26.44%

Howden (1)

David HOWARDIndependent gain from Lib Dem
Turn-out 32.96

Howdenshire (3)

Victoria AITKENConservative Hold
Linda BAYRAMConservative Hold
Nigel WILKINSONConservative Hold
Turn-out 26.6%

Mid-Holderness (3)

1 John Holtby Conservative hold
2 Amanda Talbot Conservative hold
3 Samantha Whyte Conservative hold
Turnout: 29.57%

North Holderness (2)

Barbara JeffersonIndependent Hold
John WhittleIndependent Hold
Turn-out 31.74%

Pocklington Provincial (3)

1 Gareth Shephard Liberal Democrat gain from Conservatives
2 Andrew Cousins Liberal Democrat gain from Conservatives
3 Dale Needham Liberal Democrat gain from Conservatives
Turn-out: 33.53%

Snaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland (2)

Caroline FOXConservative Hold
Liz SARGEANTSONConservative Hold
Turn-out 26.47%

South East Holderness (3)

1 Lyn Healing Conservative Hold
2 Claire Holmes Conservative Hold
3 Sean McMaster Conservative Hold
Turnout: 24.80%

South Hunsley (2)

Margaret CORLESSLiberal Democrat Hold
Paul HOPTONConservative Hold
Turn-out 35.95%

South West Holderness (3)

1 John Dennis Conservative hold
2 Steve Gallant Labour gain from Conservative
3 Sue Steel Conservative hold
Turnout: 24.21%

Tranby (2)

Viv PADDENLib Democrat Hold
Margot SUTTONLib Democrat Hold
Turn-out 26.6%

Willerby & Kirkella (3)

Gary MCMASTERConservative Hold
Zahra SARIBALConservative Hold
David TuckerConservative Hold
Turn-out 28.95%

Wolds Weighton (3)

1 Leo Hammond Conservative hold
2 Derek Cary Conservative hold
3 Paul West Conservative gain from Independent
Turnout: 33.02%

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