Wednesday 15 June 2022

East Riding residents who volunteered to take people fleeing the war in Ukraine are now starting to receive refugees following delays in issuing visas. Beverley MP Graham Stuart has intervened on behalf of constituents who complained about the backlog in processing applications. He told Beverley FM that it’s Europe’s largest refugee crisis since the Second World War and has put unprecedented pressure on the Home Office. He has now helped more than 30 refugee applicants to obtain visas. He said he’d like to welcome all refugees to Beverley and Holderness, and would encourage any sponsors who are having difficulty with visa applications to get in touch with his office. More information on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme here

East Riding Council’s healthy eating team is recommending some top tips: they’re encouraging residents to consider what they’re eating and to increase their physical activity during Healthy Eating Week. Among the recommendations are snacking on fruit and vegetables, managing portion size, varying protein sources, plus sitting less and moving more throughout the day. A public health official told us that eating healthy, fresh food does not need to be expensive. 

What are public health’s top tips for healthy eating?

  • Increase fruits and vegetables as snacks, and also in meals by cutting them up small or blending them into sauces
  • Be aware of portion size as this can help to reduce waste 
  • Try to vary protein sources to include different meat, fish, beans and pulses
  • Include more movement throughout your day, sit less!
  • Eating healthy, fresh food does not need to be expensive, you can find ways to be creative or get new ideas by following recipes (online or from your local library for example), this helps reduce waste and introduces new foods.

If anyone would like any advice on healthy eating (particularly on a budget) where can they get support? If residents would like some support, they can contact the local NHS YOURHealth healthtrainer team who work across the Yorkshire and Humber to provide a variety of services. Visit or alternatively phone 0800 9177752 to register.If you’d like help to get fit, East Riding Leisure has a special package available from today. ‘Shape up for Summer’ includes three months’ membership for £69. It’s available to anyone over the age of 14 and offers access to all ten East Riding Leisure sites, nine pools, nine gyms and over 1,000 classes a week. Full story here