Staying Safe at Hull Fair 2021

Friday October 8th to Saturday October 16th 2021

Before setting off:

1. Leave any valuables such as iPods, jewellery and credit cards (we are told that contactless payments will be a major feature of Hull Fair this year) at home; only take with you what you absolutely need and remember to lock all windows and doors before you set off.. 

Getting there:

2. Drinking alcohol on buses is prohibited and anyone caught trying to carry alcohol on to buses will be refused entry and anyone caught drinking alcohol on a bus will be asked to get off. While on the buses you should respect the rights of other passengers by keeping noise down to a minimum and not smoking.

3. If you drive to the fair, park in a well lit busy area and remember where you parked!

4. When you leave your car ensure nothing is on view, remove all valuables and wipe off Sat Nav sucker marks from the windscreen. Don’t forget a bag of rubbish in a foot well of a car can appear tempting to a passing opportunist theif. It’s always good practice to take anything out of the car which is not currently being used… are you really going to need the golf clubs? 

While at Hull Fair:

5. Keep your money and mobile phones in a safe and secure place. Consider wearing clothes that have pockets with zips or using a money belt to keep your property safe. Only take the amount of money you will need and remember to keep your bus fair safe, if using public transport.

6. If you see anything suspicious report it immediately to a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer, Stewards or Fairground Staff.

7. If you are attending the fair with small children, consider using a wrist link or harness to prevent them wandering off. Give children their guardian’s contact details, preferably with a mobile telephone number. Carrying these contact details will enable any child who becomes lost, to be reunited quickly. Make sure your child knows who to go to if they get lost, show them Police officers and Police Community Support Officers, if appropriate.

8. Make sure you are familiar with the location of the Police, First Aid and Lost/Found children offices. Getting home:9. Have a pre-arranged meeting place to go to in the event of you becoming separated from friends/relatives.10. If travelling by bus, ensure you keep enough money aside for your bus fare home. Be sure where, and which bus, you need to get on in advance.