Steve Eccles

What show do you present and when?

I present The Midweek Show every Wednesday evening from 6pm to 8pm

What do you love most about being at Beverley FM?

It’s great to play a part in a true community radio station, and especially one that has such amazing facilities and a great friendly atmosphere! I also love the incredible variety of music we get to play.  I have been involved in radio for a long time, but I still get a real ‘buzz’ from it, and it’s very pleasing to know how many people love Beverley FM!

If you could travel anywhere you haven’t already been, where would it be?

I would say the far north of Scotland; I am a great believer that the UK is one of the most stunning countries on earth, and the far north of Scotland is the only part of it I have never visited. I fancy driving the North Coast 500 at some stage!

Where’s your favourite place in East Yorkshire?

There are so many! I will opt for Flamborough Head and the various bays in that area, closely followed by a trip to Bempton cliffs. The views are breathtaking, and we are so lucky to have such a coastline on our doorstep.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

I can’t choose between pikelets (a kind of crumpet) and a rather more traditional bacon sandwich!! Those who know me well would opt for the latter!!!