PR: Huddersfield vs Hull City

Hull City travel to Huddersfield on Sunday and I have drafted this preview out more times than I care to admit. Off the field of play, there is plenty to consider and speculate about which to some is worrying and to others is exciting. It almost mirrors what has been happening on the field.

Like many City fans I have a love for Andy Dawson and would love to see him succeed in the long term however, it seems that attention is focused on alternative foreign high-profile markets. Whilst we are all along for the ride of a City legend in the managerial hot seat, I am trying to see what tactics the former left-back has picked up from what manager. The formation and style of play seems fairly aligned with the modern game but putting a full back on the wing and bringing every single player back for a corner seems distinctly Peter Taylor-esque. I think Damien Delaney still has flashbacks to being put out wide after Stuart Elliott was injured. A Turkish international in a deeper role cannot compare to times of old when Ashbee and Marney marshalled the middle of the park under Phil Brown, but it is always welcome to see a left full-back swing in a corner to be met by a towering header. The less said about the likes of Parkinson and Dowie the better. Despite all the comparisons I have concocted in my head I am looking forward to some of the ideas ‘Daws’ puts forward for his stint in charge, however long that may be.

Wednesday was a relief more than a celebration of victory, but it found more of the good than the bad, which has often been the inverse throughout an interesting opening quarter to the season. It is clear at times that a tempo is lacking when City have the ball for a sustained length of time. The number of goals which have been scored suggests that we still can score even without scintillating creativity, which in the past creativity has often been there without an end product. A vulnerability has developed defensively despite having statistically one of the best centre-backs in the Championship, Jacob Greaves. How that problem is fixed without losing the few chances which are created is going to be a difficult balancing act for the current coaching staff.

It might be the best time to be playing Huddersfield. The Terriers were unexpected play-off contenders last season but since then their team has been pulled apart and the consequences have since shown. Despite this many could argue recent history is on the side of Sunday’s hosts with five unbeaten in recent fixtures against the Tigers. Before that City had won five in a row, so maybe the tide will turn back the way of East Yorkshire.

Predicted XI: Baxter; Coyle, A.Jones, Greaves, Elder; Slater, Tufan; Christie, Pelkas, Sinik; Estupiñán.

Prediction: Huddersfield 0-1 Hull City (Slater)

Simon Bromwich in partnership with Hull City OSC.

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