More New Programmes For 2021 Announced

New ‘It’s Saturday Show’ with Simon Barrett at 12:30pm
It’s a welcome return to daytime programming for Simon Barrett as he moves from late Saturday nights to Saturday lunchtimes each weekend. We are waiting to see what he will replace the competition plotlines with after his predecessor Andy Donkin teased all his listeners with the world’s hardest radio quiz, hopefully it’ll be something easier!
Join Simon from 12:30pm on Saturday 7 August for two hours of radio fun!

New Lee Templeman’s Big Saturday Night Party’ at 10pm
Lee Templeman is well known on Beverley FM for his programme at 10pm ‘The Friday Night Shuffle’ which has gained a great radio audience. Lee takes his experience and now has added ‘The Big Saturday Night Party’ to our lineup of programmes.
So if you’re going out or staying in on a Saturday night make sure you have Lee Templeman on the radio playing the very best of party music guaranteed to give your night the perfect start.

New Simon Bromwich ‘Noughties at Night’ Thursday at 11pm
Beverley FM’s sports guru is Simon Bromwich, however apart from his keen interest in sport he also is a real fan of music from the noughties and is keen to share his liking for music from that decade with the Beverley FM audience every Thursday night between 11pm and 1am on Friday morning!
From the programme title you may have thought his show was something else completely but you’d be totally wrong! So catch Simon and music from the noughties starting on 5 August 2021

Other Changes
Dave Hudson’s 60’s & 70’s Golden Years is now on at 6pm on a Monday evening
Steve Lazenby’s 90’s Rewind has moved to Monday evenings at 8pm
Peter Fairhead’s Gold show moves to Tuesday evenings between 6pm & 8pm
Rupert Palmer’s WorldMix show moves to Sunday morning between 2am & 4am