Manager, Sewell leaves Hall Road

Hall Road Rangers have announced that they have reluctantly accepted the resignation of Leon Sewell and he has joined NCEL Premier Division side Goole AFC to become their assistant manager.

Leon was in charge for over three years and was a fantastic servant to Hall Road Rangers during that time. When he arrived, the club had just one recognised player. With the help of assistant manager Chris Burke, he has rebuilt HRR over the last three years.

As a club, we’ll always be very grateful for his hard work and efforts both on and off the pitch. He was more than just a manager and that was reflected through the hours he spent helping to maintain Haworth Park and keeping the club going during a recently tough period.

We’re sad to see him move on, but we didn’t want to stop his progression within the sport and managerial position. He has a great football brain and a wealth of knowledge. We wish Leon all the best in his new role and he’ll always be a welcome face at Haworth Park.

The club are currently in talks with current coaches to discuss the future managerial structure moving forward.

Oliver Harsley