Hull Seahawks 1-6 Leeds Knights

As they entered the Sunday fixture home to high-flying Leeds Knights, Hull looked to maintain the momentum gained by a hard-fought victory over Basingstoke, the previous evening.

The Seahawks started well in the first period, which was tightly contested. Salem broke the deadlock just before the period break with a powerplay goal and Hull deserved the lead.

Leeds Knights came out of the blocks blisteringly in the second period, scoring two quick-fire goals through Adam Barnes. In an end-to-end game, both teams defended valiantly but the Knights added another goal before the second-period break leaving the Seahawks with a stiff challenge if they were to overcome the visitors with the 3-1 scoreline.

In the third period, the Knights were able to show why they are top of the league. The well-drilled team moved the puck well and maintained pressure on the Seahawks for the majority of the period. They added a further three goals to the score and emerged 6-1 winners.

It was always going to be a tough game against a well-coached Leeds Knights side. It was clear that the Hull Seahawks could challenge the Knights, but were outplayed by a well-coached Knights side.

Lewis Montgomery