Hull Seahawks 0-8 Peterborough Phantoms

The night before this home fixture, the Seahawks were beaten by a rampant Phantoms. In the return leg, it was clear that the Seahawks wanted to make an impression in front of an impressive home crowd. The Seahawks showed aggression and came very close to taking the lead early in the first period. Unfortunately, they were unable to take advantage of these early chances and the Phantoms scored two quick-fire goals, taking this lead into the second period.

In the second period, the Phantoms were intent on putting the game to bed. They are an impressive side, ready to compete for honours this campaign. Another 4 goals were scored in quick succession, stunning a depleted Seahawks bench. During this furious onslaught, Hull netminder Curtis Warburton sustained a nasty collision and seemed to lose consciousness. After lengthy treatment, he was escorted off the ice by the medical team. This was yet another bitter blow for Hull who lost fellow netminder, Mclaughlin, the night before. With teammates still in shock over their teammates’ condition, rookie netminder Dom Smith calmly took station between the pipes with the score at 6-0.

On resumption of play, the fireworks ignited towards the end of the period and officials did a great job in controlling the game.

In the third period, the Phantoms added another 2 goals and attempted to control the game but a spirited Seahawks maintained a high tempo and battled until the final buzzer. The game ended on a feisty note when Hull defender Declan Balmer was escorted off the ice for a minor altercation after the final buzzer.

The loss of both Hull netminders, coupled with injuries to Streetly, Connolly, Brownley, Davies and the absence of Svec and Themar has severely depleted the Seahawks. These are difficult times for the fledgling club but management and player staff remain spirited and the face of unparalleled adversity.