Hull Hornets: Masters Tournement 1

The day didn’t start well for the Hornets. With Phil Jebb not quute able to recover from a calf injury picked up in training.

It was felt an extra day’s rest, would help playing in the Sunday games.

This plan went out the window 2 minutes into the first game. With Steve Leng being caught on the top of head from an elbow. This left a nasty cut, which eventually forced Steve to go to the hospital for stitches.

The Hornets now only had 5 players. Against a 12-strong Webba team.

Despite this, the Hornets defence was outstanding. Losing the 1st quarter 4-7 and 2nd quarter 4-8.

It was clear the 5 hornet players couldn’t keep this performance up for the full game, against a Webba man-to-man defence. That was regularly rotating their bench.

So, it was decided that Phil Jebb would kit up to help give players some much-needed rest.

This seemed to help, as the Hornets closed the game to 1 point during the 3rd quarter.

Sadly this wasn’t enough. With the hornets eventually losing the game 23-33.

The 2nd game was against Leeds re-united. A team competing in their first Masters tournament.

Steve Leng was deemed not fit enough to play after the head injury. So the hornets went into the game with the same 6 players from the Webba game.

The Hornets had probably their worst start to a game possible. Not being able to get into the game.

By halftime the hornets were losing 20-3. Following some awful turning over of the ball, which allowed the Leeds team to break on a Hornets leg wearied players.

The 2nd half was completely different. The Hornets took the game to Leeds. Winning the 3rd quarter 15 – 9, and the 4th quarter 11 – 6.

The Leeds team realising they were struggling to stop the hornets team closing in rapidly on their score. Changed from a zone to a man to man. Despite this the game still hung in the balance. With the Leeds eventually running out winners 35-29.

So, on to 2 more games tomorrow. With a midday tip-off against Rochdale. And a final game against Acona Animals