Friday 29 July 2022

A LACK of evidence allowing Humberside Police to identify suspects is partly to blame for almost one in three crimes going unsolved in a year, a senior officer has said. It comes as crime figures for Humberside Police showed the Force closed around 29,142 cases from April 2021 to last March without identifying a suspect. 

The figure is almost one third of the 90,413 offences recorded across Humberside in that time. Assistant Chief Constable Darren Wildbore said that every crime reported to the Force was investigated but a lack of CCTV footage, witnesses, forensics and other evidence meant cases are shelved. 

EAST Riding Council has declared a cost of living emergency as inflation continues to climb towards double digits. Councillors passed a motion from the opposition Liberal Democrats calling for the declaration but did not back their proposal to convene a summit on the issue. 

Liberal Democrat leader Cllr David Nolan said a summit was needed because the council needed to hear about what it could do as inflation erodes wages and pensions. However, council Deputy Leader Cllr Anne Handley said a further £4.4m was earmarked to help locals while fellow Conservative Cllr Claire Holmes said a summit would be an unhelpful vanity project.

POCKLINGTON councillor Kay West was elected Vice-Chair of East Riding Council at this week’s full council meeting in succession to Cll Pauline Greenwood, who died recently