Community Alert – Motorhome & Camper Van Thefts Are Increasing

North Yorkshire Police has issued a further Action Fraud Alert that has been provided by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau which is run by the City of London Police as a national service, since criminals have no boundaries

We are made aware once again that Motorhome and Camper Van thefts are increasing, both in North Yorkshire and across the country.

If you own one of these vehicles please ensure you don’t present an easy target for thieves. Here are some crime prevention tips that we recommend: 

  • Have CCTV at the place you park your vehicle
  • Consider fitting a dash camera and rear camera
  • Invest in a removable driveway/parking post
  • Lock any access to your garden, driveway or garage
  • Fit a good alarm/immobiliser
  • Have a tracking device fitted
  • Use steering wheel and pedal locking devices
  • Have the vehicle security marked
  • Remove any removable items that may be seen through windows
  • Keep the keys locked away safely in your home
  • Take some good quality photos of your vehicle and keep them safe, these could be used to identify your vehicle if it were to be stolen.
  • Report any suspicious activity around your vehicle to the police

Let’s work together to stop criminals spoiling your summer adventures says the Police!  If you see anything suspicious call the Police immediately on 101 – or if there is an emergency, or you witness a crime being committed, then dial 999 immediately.