Beverley 80-7 Dinnington

What a day, what a match, what a result!! Beverley welcomed Dinnington to Beaver Park on this fine and sunny afternoon for their first home game of the season and to celebrate 50 years of playing Rugby at Beaver Park. The clubhouse was decorated, the pitch looked remarkable, the bar was open and a large crowd anticipated a close hard-fought encounter.

As part of the celebrations, Beverley U15’s played a curtain raiser on the first team pitch watched by a sizeable crowd and some rightly very proud parents as they enjoyed a comfortable win created by dominant, expansive and free-flowing rugby and expertly optimising the use of the wide-open spaces available.

Prior to both games a beautifully respected Minutes silence was observed in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

With a win apiece in last seasons encounters everyone was anticipating the usual close encounter and with both teams having won their first two games of the season confidence was high amongst both teams and their supporters. The atmosphere was electric.

From the outset, however, Beverley overpowered the Dinnington forwards in the scrums winning all their own ball, pushing Dinnington backwards at most set pieces and as Dinnington could find no solution to Beverley’s dominance they gave away numerous penalties which ultimately played perfectly into Beverley’s hands.

If the Beverley forwards were dominant the Beverley backs were overwhelming, the speed of foot and hand was a delight to behold, the confidence that the team brought into the game was transposed into scintillating rugby. The opening try resulted from the Beverley forwards pressure on the Dinnington defence, a series of pick-and-goes followed by an unstoppable driving maul enabled a breakthrough for Andy Meagher who crashed through what was left of the Dinnington defence. (5-0) The ability of the forwards to win good clean ball almost at will enabled the backs to display their undoubted talents. The second try soon followed when fast ball from Dan Lee provided the ideal platform for Rob Smith to dance through a Dinnington defence who simply could not handle the pace and agility displayed by the Beavers captain who dotted down under the posts and follow up with the conversion. (12-0)

Whilst Dinnington at this stage were still offering some resistance the relentless pressure from Beverley created another set piece platform. With the Dinnington back row tied into the scrum heading backwards Dan Lee took advantage of the space and broke through the Dinnington defensive line accelerating all the way to the try line leaving the Dinnington defence in his wake. Rob Smith converting. (19-0)

Dinnington’s pride was dented and they rallied, in traditional Dinnington style, powerful carries from their forwards down the left, the ball rarely going beyond the half-backs who once again fed the forward runners. Despite stout Beverley defending the weight of forward pressure carried the ball to the Beverley try line and Dinnington crashed over. The conversion from distance brought Dinnington back into the game. (19-7)

This momentary respite for Dinnington could not prevent the Beverley supremacy and from here to the end of the game it was generally one-way traffic. Jake Boardman bagged the next try collecting the ball in midfield he switched on the after-burners and with a combination of pace and power carried a full 35 meters to place the ball under the posts for Rob Smith to convert. (26-7).

A return to first-team duties for James Graham (Gretna) following many months of injury was a pleasing sight made all the more special when he reminded us of his skill and pace when scoring the next try. Clean ball once again from the Beverley forwards and rapid movement of the ball along the back line created space for Gretna who powerfully broke two tackles to carry in from distance. Once again converted by Smith. (33-7)

And now the tries just kept on flowing. An example of the youth development at Beverley Rugby Club was next on display. Jacob Baggs a graduate from the Beverley Minis, Juniors and Colts team just gets better and better. After collecting the ball from a missed place Dinnington clearance kick Jacob displayed his power, agility and unstoppable momentum when he carried the ball through a packed Dinnington defence, breaking one tackle after another and accelerating away to the line to touch down. Conversion from Smith was a formality. (40-7).

Jake Boardman then came back into action on the stroke of half-time. From the previous scores kick of the ball was gathered by Jack Houseman, whose handling was assured throughout, carried the ball towards the advancing Dinnington forwards, slipped the ball to the half-backs, who fed the rampant Beverley back line. Slick hands from all saw the ball in Boardman’s hands who accelerated away from the faltering Dinnington defence for a 50-meter unstoppable try. Converted by Smith as the half-time whistle blew. (47-7)

As the second half began Dinnington changed their tactics. Everything was funnelled through their forwards who pounded the Beverley defence. But Beverley would not capitulate their defence holding strong. It was a pleasing aspect of this phase of the game that Beverley also adopted their style to neutralise the Dinnington attack. There were no more scores for the first 15 minutes after the break but as the Dinnington forwards began to tire Beverley again picked up the pace and advanced once more.

When Baggs received the ball in open play once again and displayed his unique blend of power, speed, silky skills and rugby intelligence Dinnington had no answer he glided through the defensive line and powered his way over the try line with hardly a finger laid upon him. Smith again converted. (54-7)

Resistance was now futile for Dinnington as Beverley displayed a style of champagne rugby not seen for many a year at Beaver Park. As the backs freely ran the ball Joe Slater displayed acceleration and prowess to capitalise on the space created. A mesmerising run from clean forward ball saw Slater angle his run through a bewildered defence dotting down on the wide right. (59-7)

The Beverley forwards played a vital role in this display not just from their dominance at set pieces but also in open play where they carried strongly, making vital metres before presenting controlled possession for the backs to convert. And so it was for Graham’s second try, ground was gained by the dominant pack and the ball flowed through the backs. With great acceleration and nimble footwork, Graham eluded the tiring Dinnington defence leaving all in his wake as he placed the ball over the try line. Smith Converted (66-7).

But Beverley was not finished, they refused to take their foot off the gas and straight from the kick-off released the ball to the rampaging back line. The ball fell to Louis Butler who had provided first-class defensive work through the afternoon and got his reward with a powerful break, bouncing of numerous attempted tackles before dotting down under the posts. Smith Converted. (73-7)

To close a well-deserved try for Jack Houseman who had worked tirelessly throughout the afternoon providing a formidable presence at the breakdowns and securing precious loose ball for the Beverley team. Once again great support and back-up play enabled Louis Butler to slip the ball inside to the ever-present Houseman and sprinted home from outside the 22-metre line, breaking the desperate wingers tackle and outpacing the Dinnington Full back.

A remarkable day and result will once again bolster confidence within the Beverley camp who now lie in pole position at the top of the Yorkshire 1 league. But with no complacency, we know it will be a different story when we travel to Dinnington later in the season. Next week the annual crunch game against Goole away where both the firsts and seconds will be hoping to maintain their hundred percent record.

Andy Innes