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Yo Tuk Tuk plan means more will Tuk in!

A popular Indian restaurant in Beverley is pushing ahead with plans to expand its operations by supplying ready-to-serve meals to other businesses. Amin Choudhury, who runs Yo Tuk Tuk at The Windmill pub in Lairgate, believes he has hit on a winning formula which could provide a lifeline to struggling village pubs.

He plans to send out the pre-prepared meals in tubs, which can then be reheated on site; meaning a cost-effective way for pubs, who currently don’t do food, to provide meals. Already, the Hare and Hounds in Leven has signed up to the scheme, which is expected to be operational by the end of the month. Mr Choudhury told Beverley FM: “To set up and staff a kitchen from scratch entails a massive risk and expense; our concept could provide a valuable new revenue stream at a time when so many traditional pubs are struggling.”

He continued: “The idea is pubs will ring us in the morning and place an order for how many dishes they want, we will cook them and then send them out in time for the evening. This is street food literally taking to the streets.”