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When Beverley was centre for shipbuilding …

Aerial view of Grovehill shipyard, 1950

Renowned maritime history expert Robb Robinson will be delivering a talk on the important role played by Beverley shipbuilders Cook, Welton and Gemmell in the deep sea trawling industry this Saturday at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. Beverley was once one of the main centres of shipbuilding for the fishing industry and between 1901 and 1963, built over 1,300 vessels, mostly fishing trawlers, at its shipyard in Grovehill. 

Anybody visiting the site of the old shipyard today would discover that it is now part of an industrial estate and almost all traces of this once bustling industry have disappeared. Admission to the talk, which starts at 1pm, is free. To book a seat, contact the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre on (01472) 323345 or email  You can find out more about the project at