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Warning over Beverley bike thefts

Police are warning cyclists to be vigilant following an increase in bike thefts across East Yorkshire, particularly in Beverley and Cottingham.

Inspector Philip Hinch told Beverley FM: “Some of the bikes stolen were locked up at public cycle racks in the town centres as well a number which were taken from gardens and parks in the area. The main areas have been outside Tesco and the leisure centre in Beverley and in and around the Market Place in Cottingham.”

He said just last week a high-value full suspension bike that was attached to the back of a cycle rack on a car was stolen when it was parked in the Butcher Row car park in Beverley. 

He commented: “This bike should have been safe, it was locked and secure but it didn’t stop a thief cutting through the lock, damaging the rack and stealing the bike.  We have an investigation underway for this incident and are viewing CCTV and witnesses statements to try and locate the bike and find those responsible.”

And he continued: “We have identified suspects in connection with a number of offences and are investigating them to try and gather evidence to prosecute offenders.  However, I am really wanting to make sure people are aware that cycle thieves are operating in the area and to make sure people do everything they can to secure their bikes and do what they can to prevent them being stolen.”