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Vandals target sand sculpture

The world-renowned sand artist who spent three weeks creating a 31-tonne sand sculpture of Beverley Minster at the town’s Flemingate shopping centre was devastated to find his work damaged in an attack by three vandals late on Friday night. Youths, believed to be between 15 and 18 years old, were caught on CCTV throwing a big rock at the Minster clock tower.

Paul Hoggard, who created the sculpture with his wife Remy, is originally from Beverley and travels the world creating sand sculptures. The Minster was the first in a series for a proposed sculpture trail in the town. Since the attack, he says more than 15,000 people have watched a video of the damage on social media with many expressing their disgust. The damage has since been repaired with Mr Hoggard intending to “idiot proof” it to prevent further damage.

Determined to continue, he announced on his Facebook page this week that a second location for another sculpture had been secured at Longcroft School and it is hoped to go ahead with this next month if enough pledges of support are received on his GoFundMe page.