Tuesday 28 March 2023

SAFER ROADS Humber, who operate the speed camera vans seen on our roads, are this week trialling new equipment to detect motorists using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving or not wearing a seat belt. The unit uses artificial intelligence to identify motorists potentially breaking the law. Images are then sent to an officer who completes a secondary check. 

Jamie Hassall, National Highways’ road safety team leader, told us: “This technology has already been deployed on roads elsewhere in the country where it has helped to shine a light on the minority of dangerous drivers who continue to put themselves and others at risk.”  Anyone detected using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving risks being fined £200 and receiving six points on their driving licence.

Not wearing a seatbelt could result in a £100 fine; although with both these offences those detected may be offered an education course as an alternative to prosecution.

A NEW care unit is being built at Hull Royal Infirmary for patients who no longer need medical treatment but cannot be discharged. It comes as figures show the Hull University Teaching Hospitals Trust had almost 19,000 patients it could not discharge in the last year. 

The trust said Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital had a shortage of beds every day because up to 200 people were waiting on wards for social care support, despite being well enough to be discharged.

East Riding Council is launching a survey to hear about residents’ health and wellbeing.  The anonymous survey is open to all residents over the age of 18 and it will help the Health and Wellbeing Partnership develop public health and care services. More information here