Town Council Election Results in Full

Liberal Democrat success in Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council elections continued when the Beverley Town Council results were announced this afternoon. Of the 14 seats available across the town’s four wards, they won eight, making them the biggest party overall. Labour won four seats and two Independent were elected.

Denis Healy, David Boynton and Simon Rance led the charge in St Mary’s West, taking all three seats. Both Councillor Healy and Councillor Boynton had earlier been elected in St Mary’s Ward in the East Riding Council poll. High profile candidates defeated here included the current Mayor of Beverley, Bryan Pearson, and fellow Conservative Elaine Aird, who had earlier lost her St Mary’s Ward seat on East Riding Council.

In St Mary’s East it was a similar story, with the four Liberal Democrat candidates capturing the seats. They were Linda Johnson, who was also celebrating her election to East Riding Council, returning councillor Tom Astell, David Horsley and Shaun Blencoe. Losing his seat for the Conservatives was David Elvidge, although he does remain an East Riding councillor for the Minster and Woodmansey Ward.

In Beverley Minster South, it was Labour who came out on top, taking three of the four seats, with Margaret Pinder, Ann Willis and Chloe Hopkins elected. Topping the poll was current Deputy Mayor Duncan Jack, who stands as an Independent. Departing the scene is controversial former councillor Dominic Peacock.

Finally, in Beverley Minster North popular Beverley FM radio presenter Ian Gow, of the Beverley Backchat programme, topped the poll as an Independent; Peter Astell returns to the council as a Liberal Democrat while Labour’s Claire Wildey took the third seat.

The day had begun well for the Liberal Democrats when Denis Healy, Linda Johnson, and David Boynton took all three seats in Beverley St Mary’s Ward for East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

However, the Conservative party held on to all three seats in the Beverley Rural and Minster and Woodmansey wards.

When all East Riding seats had been declared, it was revealed that the Conservatives had increased their number of councillors from 47 to 49; Liberal Democrats now have eight members instead of three and there are eight independent and two Yorkshire Party councillors.

Perhaps the biggest losers were Labour who lost all six of their East Riding councillors and for the first time are not represented on the authority.


St Mary’s East

Linda Johnson (LD) 653 *

Tom Astell (LD) 649 *

David Horsley (LD) 609 *

Shaun Blencoe 545 *

David Elvidge (Con) 374

Peter Stevens (Con) 278

Martin Cox (Lab) 273

Roy Begg (Con) 271

Ann Gilbert (Lab) 240

Thomas Flynn (Democrats & Veterans) 232

  • = elected

St Mary’s West

Denis Healy (LD) 892 *

David Boynton (LD) 808 *

Simon Rance (LD) 693 *

Elaine Aird (Con) 468

Walter Sweeney (Con) 450

Bryan Pearson (Con) 432

Cherry Walton (Lab) 196

Richard Boal (Lab) 193

Mary Glew (Lab) 192

  • = elected

Minster North

Ian Gow (Ind) 275 *

Peter Astell (LD) 177 *

Clare Wildey (Lab) 175 *

John Pearson (Ind) 152

Jackie Heffer (Lab) 135

Johanna Boal (Lab) 132

Wayne Marshall 113

Graham Johnson (LD) 102

Bob Morgan (LD) 99

  • = elected

Minster South

Duncan Jack (Ind) 815 *

Margaret Pinder (Lab) 610 *

Ann Willis (Lab) 570 *

Chloe Hopkins (Lab) 550 *

Jack Brown (LD) 496

Harry Bulmer (Con) 447

Ann Morgan (LD) 425

Tony Davis (LD) 399

Dominic Peacock (Ind) 372

* = elected 

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