Tips to protect you property when renovating or building

Recently we have seen a spate of thefts from properties under renovation/new builds, so we are encouraging members of the public to report anything suspicious, such as unknown persons paying attention to ongoing building work.

Renovating or remodelling a home can be exciting, but in the process of making those important changes it can create lapses in home security.

The following points provide information as to what is currently being targeted by thieves, as well as some hints and tips to reduce the risk of burglaries or thefts taking place.

The items below are examples of what is being stolen from renovations and new builds.

Copper wiring and pipes and lead. The rise in copper prices and the ease of recycling it for good money makes it desirable for thieves.

Brass fixtures and plumbing fittings for the same reason as the copper.

Vintage or historical fixtures and building materials.

High tech home electronics.

Sensitive paperwork and personal info, credit card information, social security numbers and anything that may be used to commit fraud or identity theft.

Appliances. These are expensive and can be an easy target when left around the site for days at a time before being installed.

Diesel Fuel. Increasing fuel prices mean that gas and diesel fuel are now targets for thieves.

So, what can you do to reduce the risk -Ensure you only employ reputable builders or contractors, who are also security conscious. Keep the exterior well light at night using dusk to dawn lighting and warning signs. Store your valuables in a secure place, like a safe or behind locked doors in rooms that aren’t part of the remodel. Use property marking¬†property-marking.pdf ( the area around the house is clean and free of building materials and easily accessible tools – Talk with the contractors. Learn what their policy and practices are when it comes to tools and building materials and take an active interest in how they are keeping items secure. If you are staying somewhere else during the construction, consider using a surveillance system to monitor the activities while you are gone. Drive by the property and check up on things. Make surprise visits to the house, this will let any dishonest workers know that you could show up anytime.

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