Thursday 6 October 2022

A NEW Coronavirus wave could combine with the cost of living crisis to create a perfect storm this winter, East Riding Council’s Public Health Director Andy Kingdom has warned. He says case numbers showed a new Covid wave was gathering pace, with an estimated one in 50 people now infected locally. 

He also told councillors the cost of living crisis could make it harder to reach the most vulnerable, leaving them exposed if more health and care staff go off work during winter. It comes as there were 278 coronavirus cases recorded in the East Riding in the seven days up to Saturday, September 24, up by 45.5 per cent on the previous week. The infection rate rose from 55.7 to 81 during the same period.

It also comes as the council has launched a Long Covid service at leisure centres, with teachers, carers and other key staff prioritised to get them back to work.

THE LATEST in the series of mini displays of recent acquisitions at Beverley Treasure House has now opened. It features Freemasonry regalia and other items belonging to members of local Masonic lodges. Dr. David Marchant, museums registrar, told us: “Although there is a lot of myth and legend surrounding the society, these days it is a charitable organisation, although like many it has its share of regalia and rituals.” The display will run for six months.

LOCAL BUS operator East Yorkshire, has added eight new environmentally-friendly vehicles to its fleet, including a double decker coach and a traditional single decker coach. Those who hop on one of the new service buses can expect state of the art technology complete with Wi-Fi, USB charging slots, next stop announcements and luxury interiors.