Thursday 18 May 2023

NEW SAFETY strips are to be installed on platforms at Beverley railway station following the death of a blind man who fell off a station platform in London. A report found he fell because he was unaware he was too close to the edge.

Plans lodged with East Riding Council by Network Rail would see studded paving strips fitted on both platforms, helping people with visual impairments know when they are close to the edge. At the time of the accident in 2020 about half of UK stations were lacking in such strips and Network Rail is now embarked on a programme of installing them.

YORKSHIRE Water CEO Nicola Shaw has today issued a public apology about sewage overflows and outlined the company’s plans to tackle the situation, including an £180 million investment over two years. She told Beverley FM: “Over 190 overflows have been earmarked for investment as part of the plan and work on the first batch of improvements is already underway.”

Admitting “we did not act quickly enough to tackle the issue of storm overflows into rivers” she said in a letter to customers: “I get why people are angry – seeing sewage in our rivers and seas isn’t right,” adding: “That’s why I have decided to refuse any bonus this year”.

A NEW exhibition of oil paintings by Beverley artist John Balman will open in the town’s Eastgate Studio Gallery on Saturday May 27 and run until June 10. John has been painting still lifes, landscapes and portraiture for the past eight years after a successful career as an architect.