Thursday 16 June 2022

Police are warning East Riding residents to take precautions to protect their property this summer. Officers told Beverley FM that good weather can see a spike in burglaries as opportune criminals take advantage of windows and doors that are left open. They have published advice to help people protect their homes by making them less appealing to those looking to commit crime. They told us that Burglary is an incredibly intrusive crime, often leaving victims feeling scared and vulnerable in their own home. 

Humberside Police have issued the following advice:

Help protect your home from burglary –

  • Make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked when you’re not in the room. Nearly half of all burglaries are the result of a door or window being open
  • During the warmer months, try to shut windows that could be accessible to opportunist thieves
  • Make sure nothing of value (including car keys) is left on show to tempt thieves into your property
  • Think about fitting a burglar alarm and security lighting – both to your home and outbuildings. It may be expensive, but they are very effective deterrents and can bring down your insurance costs
  • Make sure sheds and garages have good quality lock and hinges
  • Consider fitting deterrents in the garden like movement-sensitive floodlights, as these will leave thieves feeling exposed
  • Report any suspicious activity by calling 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
  • If there is an emergency or a crime in progress dial 999
  • To assist the police in recovering and returning stolen property, register your valuables on

If you are spending some time away from home, visiting family and friends or on holiday, don’t leave your house looking unoccupied –

  • Leave curtains and blinds open – nothing reveals that a house is unoccupied so much as curtains drawn during the day
  • Cancel milk and newspapers and any other regular deliveries
  • Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday, but ask a neighbour to remove free newspapers and post from your doormat if they can be seen through a glass panel or through the letterbox
  • Install a light on a timer switch that comes on in the evening
  • Keep valuables out of sight and don’t leave them where they can be seen through a window.

For more handy advice visit:

A painting by Beverley Artist Neil Helyard has gone on display at the Treasure House after being donated by the Friends of Beverley Art Gallery. It’s a portrait of the late Peter Orton. He’s described as a proud son, husband, father and grandfather and a great raconteur. 

The donation was made possible through the generosity of a bequest from local resident Jane Sweeney. East Riding Council Museums and Archives Manager, Nial Adams, told us that the gallery is very fortunate to receive this superb picture into its collection. You can read more about the picture and how to see it here.