Thursday 14 October 2021

Beverley MP Graham Stuart says the committee he founded in 2018 to boost the number of defibrillators across his constituency area is stepping up efforts to cover the final 20 outlying areas still in need of the potentially life-saving equipment. The Community Access Defibrillators for East Yorkshire campaign, known as CADEY, has so far seen 42 defibrillators installed and Mr Stuart this week told Beverley FM he was confident of the target being achieved after further corporate funders came forward to help with the remaining costs.

East Riding Council continues to crackdown on fly-tippers with news that two more £400 fixed penalty notices have been issued after streetscene officers tracked down those responsible for the illegal dumping.  Several bags of household waste were dumped in Arram Road, Leconfield, later traced to a man from Arram, who was given the fixed penalty. The second case involved eight black bin bags dumped in Newbald Lodge Road, North Newbald – traced back to a man from Hull. [More information here]

And finally, a memorial arched tribute to Beverley’s shipbuilding past, including photographs and information, will be officially unveiled at a site on Grovehill Road tomorrow at 12 noon. Beverley shipbuilding industry was responsible for employing hundreds of men and building more than 1,000 ships.