Thursday 10 November 2022

EAST RIDING libraries and East Riding Council’s arts development team have won funding worth almost half-a-million pounds over a three-year period, starting next year, which will see a host of new creative projects within libraries, including new performance and workshops for early years, children, young people and families.

The funding, £165,000 a year, follows a successful application to Arts Council England to become a National Portfolio Organisation. The NPO status will see an increase in the scale and ambition of the cultural programme in libraries, allow libraries to develop into vibrant community hubs and continue their innovative public health work.

BEVERLEY Manor Nursery School has opened an ethical and eco pantry in a bid to help as many families with children under five as possible. After a £5 annual joining fee, the first visit is free and then on each subsequent visit families can choose seven items for just £2. The pantry is open from 4 – 4.30pm on Mondays and 9.15 – 9.45 am on Tuesdays.

BEVERLEY police community support officer Sandra Coneyworth has contacted Beverley FM to issue a warning about a spate of garage burglaries in recent days. Please make sure that all garages and sheds are locked and secure and that all valuables are kept out of view, she says, and urges people to call 101 if they see anything suspicious.