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Think B4U Drink

With the party season in full swing, it is a good time for people to think about the amount of alcohol they are drinking and the effects it will have on their health.

To stay healthy and still enjoy a holiday tipple it is recommended that men do not drink more than three or four units of alcohol a day (about a pint and a half of beer) and women no more than two or three units (roughly one glass of wine).

One way to enjoy the party season without going over the limit is to try a drink suitable for the whole family, such as ‘mocktails’ or mock cocktails that do not contain any alcohol. Any drink recipe can be modified by simply leaving the alcohol out. If you are heading out rather than staying in, many pubs, restaurants and bars now offer a mocktail menu.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is part of the regional campaign, Think B4U Drink, which is now working with even more agencies to promote responsible drinking.

In line with national trends, alcohol consumption in the East Riding has increased significantly in recent years, with an estimated 70,000 people drinking above recommended levels.

Councillor Jonathan Owen, chairman of the East Riding health and wellbeing board, said: “For many people drinking with friends and family is one of life’s pleasures, but drinking too much over a long time can also have long-term risks to your health and relationships.

“Trying an alcohol-free drink is a good way to enjoy the festive season without suffering the negative impact that alcohol can have.”