Saturday 30 October 2021

The volatile situation regarding energy supplies has led to East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s YORSwitch team taking the unusual step of advising consumers not to switch to a fixed tariff but roll on to the price cap when their current deal ends. A spokesperson from the YORSwitch team told Beverley FM: “Our first priority remains to save residents money on their energy bills. Therefore, the moral obligation is to not advise switching if it does not make economical sense. Unfortunately, and for reasons beyond our control, these are the circumstances we currently find ourselves in.” If residents had already registered online for the latest auction, they will be sent an email inviting them to ‘rollover’ their details to the winter auction taking place in February.

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A new exhibition, using 19th century art to show what Beverley looked like in Victorian times opens in Beverley Guildhall next Wednesday. “Views of Beverley” will be available to view every Wednesday and Friday until February 22. Alongside the exhibition there’s also a chance to see a unique short film, “Lost Connections”, which uses UK-wide archive film footage to present a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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And finally, there’s a free event for children, with fun, games and food, in St Mary’s Church parish hall this afternoon. The “Light Party”, which starts at 4.30 and runs through to 6.30pm, is free, although donations towards food will be welcomed. 

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