Saturday 1 April 2023

CONTROVERSIAL plans proposed by East Riding Council for a new household waste and recycling centre in Ings Road off Grange Way, Molescroft, have been deferred following a meeting of the council’s planning committee. Council officers say the tip is needed because the current site at Weel is too small for future requirements.

A massive backlash from local residents saw almost 2,000 objections to the plan and Mike Roach, community organiser of the No Tip Please WhatsApp group, told the committee: “The people of Molescroft aren’t NIMBYs: they’re proud of their community but worried this proposed replacement for the recycling centre at Weel isn’t the best possible site.”  Molescroft doesn’t want a tip on Ings Road. It doesn’t want the noise and light pollution. It doesn’t want the traffic. It doesn’t want to lose agricultural land, he said.

Deferral means the decision on whether or not to go ahead is delayed while new, more acceptable, proposals are worked out and brought back to the planning committee, which won’t be for some months. 

Beverley MP Graham Stuart, who supported residents concerns, told Beverley FM: “The  deferral of the decision to build a tip on Ings Road in Molescroft is because residents have been able to have their say. This tip will now be planned with the views of the people of  Molescroft in mind, and I want to pay tribute to everyone who has made the decision to defer happen.”

And he continued: “I want to put on record my gratitude to the campaigners, led ably by Mike, with whom I worked closely back in November to set up and arrange a massively well-supported public meeting. We were determined to make sure your voice was not ignored.”