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Reassurance over licence application

An application by the owners of Beverley’s Flemingate centre for a licence enabling it to sell alcohol and play music for up to 15 hours a day on the grassed area opposite the East Riding College building, will be discussed by councillors next week. If it is granted it will allow pop-up events like the current Nordic-themed Bartipi currently on the site for the Christmas period to be set up at short notice without individual licences being applied for.

The application original sparked concerns from nearby residents worried about late-night drinking and noise but a meeting between them and Flemingate manager Graham Tait appears to have eased fears. Mr Tait stressed they were talking about occasional events and the application was to avoid continually having to apply for temporary licences. It’s been agreed to hold regular meetings between Flemingate and local residents to consider any future concerns should they arise.