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‘Protection’ plea for lollipop wardens

School crossing patrol officer – Tudor Jackson helping people across the road in Beverley

Beverley lollipop man Tudor Jackson who, at 86 is the oldest school crossing patrol officer in the  whole of the East Riding, is backing a new campaign, ‘Stop. Means. Stop.’ with the aim of highlighting the importance of road safety.

The campaign focuses on the law behind school crossing patrols and will reiterate how they keep all pedestrians safe, not just children but adults and the elderly too. Another message of the campaign will be to make sure all school crossing patrol officers are respected.

Mr Jackson told us he fully supports the campaign and has had first-hand experience of intimidating threats over the 18 years he has been a crossing patrol officer. An d although he turns 87 in December he says he has no plans for retiring, just yet. “I have decided to take early retirement from the ‘Lollipop’ job when I get to 90!” he quipped.

East Riding Councillor John Barrett, portfolio holder for operational services, told Beverley FM: “It is incredibly unfortunate that a minority of drivers refuse to stop and end up intimidating the school crossing patrols. At times, it may be a case of drivers not concentrating as they approach crossings and I would ask that all drivers consider this when next out driving.” 

When asked why he still does this job, Mr Jackson said: “I’m a widower, I need a commitment, something to break up the day and I want to do something that will serve the community. I enjoy helping people safely across the road, particularly the unaccompanied children and also the elderly people who use the crossing.”

Julie Turrell, road safety officer, said: “Our school crossing patrol officers, who help keep others safe, should not be made to feel intimidated.

“The campaign is trying to highlight the fact there is a person behind the uniform and dangerous actions can and will affect them. ‘Stop. Means. Stop.’ aims to make sure people think twice and respect the rules of the road.