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Simon Bromwich – Sport

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What’s your favourite sporting memory?

Very difficult to decide. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Hull City at Wembley 4 times so any of them are great, especially when they’ve won. The cricket World Cup 2019 was an amazing final so have to mention that too.


If you could speak to one sporting figure past or present who would it be?

I think Muhammad Ali would be a choice many people would make. I have always been fascinated by Ayrton Senna, the F1 driver, so I probably would choose him.


You cover a lot of sports, which is your favourite to talk about?

I love covering different sports for different reasons. Obviously, football and rugby league are the ones I know most about and played the most, but I’d have to say the NFL at the minute. Even if the Bengals (my team) are useless, it’s a fairly new sport to me and I am enjoying learning about it.


Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

Matt Damon. Or Robin Williams, if he was still alive. Very different answers, I know.