Steve Lazenby

What show do you present and when?

The 90’s Rewind – two hours of great 90’s music every Monday 8-10pm!

What do you love most about being at Beverley FM?

It’s a great station! Everyone is laid back and friendly and the music is varied so there’s something for almost everyone

If you could travel anywhere you haven’t already been, where would it be?

I would like to drive from the American east coast to west. Taking in activities along the way

Where’s your favourite place in East Yorkshire?

I used to love nights out around Driffield. Now I like taking the dog out on the fields at the back of Leconfield or Lockington or up to Fraisthorpe

What’s your favourite comfort food?

No doubt about this one. A Large doner kebab smothered in garlic sauce no chilli! And extra garlic sauce for the chips!!