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Pioneering study launched locally

You think you’re a good driver; of course you do. But are you prepared to put it to the test? East Riding Council has teamed up with Safer Roads Humber and Humberside Police to challenge people to take part in a pioneering study.

The experiment will involve volunteers wearing specially-designed glasses which track the movement of their eyeballs and where their line of sight is while they drive.

The eye-tracking glasses transmit the information to a monitor, which then displays what the person is looking at in real time. The project will research the driving behaviour of people of different age groups and gender and test to see if there is a connection between how experienced drivers are and how safe their driving is. And the results will be used to help reduce the number of people killed or injured on the region’s roads each year.

Paul McConnon, senior road safety officer at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, told us: “The technology should allow us to determine whether, for example, an experienced driver uses their field of vision more effectively than an inexperienced driver, such as seeing hazards earlier and effectively making them a safer driver.”

If you would like to be considered for the research and have a go at the eye-tracking driving challenge, visit Volunteers must be able to drive without the need to wear normal glasses. Contact lenses can be worn. People need to register their application by 27th June.