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MP back villagers over broadband

Newbald Parish Council, supported by Beverley MP Graham Stuart, is pressing Kcom to install Lightstream broadband in the village. The MP had arranged a meeting in the village to allow the parish council to speak in person to Kcom to let them know the high level of interest locally for their ultra-fast Lightstream broadband.

Following the meeting, parish clerk Suzanne Smith said: “Some of Newbald already has ultrafast and superfast broadband but there are many residents, including myself, who are missing out on the speeds we need to get on with ordinary life – without fast speeds it’s nigh on impossible to work productively from home, or for children to carry out research for homework projects, let alone enjoy watching catch-up TV or Netflix for relaxation.

Graham Stuart MP, centre, pictured in North Newbald after the meeting

“Kcom said they’d consider installing Lightstream if we could show demand; today the parish council has presented Graham Stuart MP with the results of the broadband survey which he will pass to the managing director of Kcom. The survey proves a high level of demand for Lightstream and I hope Kcom will now work with the village to get the currently excluded roads connected, as quickly as possible”.

Mr Stuart told Beverley FM: “The situation in Newbald with regard to broadband provision is complicated – some of the village is connected to superfast broadband from BT, part of it has Kcom Lightstream, but other less fortunate homes are stuck in the dark ages with achingly slow broadband. Some of the affected homes have been earmarked by Kcom for possible connection to their ultra-fast Lightstream broadband sometime between now and 2020, while others are not included in any roll-out plan at all yet. The purpose of the meeting today is to highlight to Kcom that demand is high in the village for Lightstream now.”