Monday 27 February 2023

A CAR has crashed into the front of East Riding Council’s Customer Service Centre in Cross Street, Beverley, leaving the building closed to members of the public today and for the foreseeable future. The incident happened in the early hours of yesterday morning, leaving a pile of brickwork and rubble and broken windows.

A statement posted yesterday on the council’s Facebook page said: Following an incident with the building in the early hours of Sunday morning, our Beverley customer service centre will be closed tomorrow and for a significant period to follow. We are currently in the process of contacting customers with pre-booked appointments to make alternative arrangements and will share more information as soon as possible.”

FIFTY JOBS are being created by two Beverley-based building firms as they begin small-scale housing schemes in Driffield. The two schemes consist of six new homes by Geneva Holdings (Yorkshire) Limited and two by Montgomery Holdings (Yorkshire) Limited, to be built on the site of the former local authority highways depot in Riverside and adjacent to the new dental centre.

BEVERLEY MP Graham Stuart welcomed Ukrainian refugees now living in Beverley for a tour of the Houses of Parliament. Olena Yershova and her family (pictured with Mr Stuart) left Ukraine in March last year. Prior to the war, she worked in the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs in Kyiv and in the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Olena is also an artist and, in November, her work was included in the art exhibition ‘Hope and Light’, which took place at Beverley Minster in support of Ukraine.