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Milk . . . from farm to table

Cherry Burton farmer’s wife Becky Waring has set up a novel way of supplying fresh milk straight to the consumer – via a special vending machine at Field House Farm in Etton Road. Available from 7am to 7pm, it’s thought to be one of only a  few milk vending machines in the whole country. The milk, which costs £1 a litre, is from the farm’s herd of Holstein and Jersey cows.

“We are lucky enough to drink this fresh milk every day and we want to share it with you,” Becky said. “Our specialist milk vending machine is sited in ‘The Milk Shed’ at the farm, which you will find on your left at the top of the farm drive. This is a great opportunity to support local producers and gives families the chance to show children where their food really comes from,” she said.