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HULL CITY: ‘Amnesty’ plea by Ehab Allam

Hull City vice-chairman Ehab Allam  has issued a statement which he hopes will help heal the rift with the club’s supporters on a number of fronts. It includes the possibility of a reintroduction of reduced matchday tickets for children and seniors.

Requesting an “amnesty” with protesting supporters, with whom, he says, he shares a common wish of ending his association with the club, he said: “I was saddened to see the reaction of some fans at the Nottingham Forest game (when hundreds of yellow stress balls were thrown on to the pitch) and the impact that this had on our players and the performance that followed. Unfortunately, these are lasting effects that play on the minds of players, not knowing what to expect next at each game.

“I do feel this behaviour is totally unacceptable as it doesn’t change the position between some fans and the owners, it just disrupts the enjoyment of the game for neutral fans. The players, Head Coach and his staff who have worked tirelessly during the week, need everyone’s support during these crucial 90+ minutes. There must therefore be a reaction from the Club to avoid such further incidents spilling out on to the pitch, especially considering the common ground that we share with these same fans – namely ALLAM OUT!

“Until such time, we kindly request an amnesty from fans reacting during the match, this is a sign of support to the team, not the ownership! I am extending this request to all fan group leaders, whom we will engage with over the next week or so to seek a temporary resolution to these matters until our departure.”

He said: “If we receive a positive recommendation from the aforementioned supporter consultation there will be an introduction of match ticket concession pricing based on the criteria agreed with the Premier League.”

Switching to the situation of the KCom Stadium and its running by the Allam-controlled Stadium Management Company, he said: “SMC recognises its obligations under the lease with the Council and has every intention of complying with those obligations. It is self-evident that Hull City Council would prefer the lease to have been written in different terms, but it wasn’t. That doesn’t justify Senior Councillors, who a significant proportion of the public regard as being the voice of Hull City Council, making statements which those Senior Councillors know, or at the very least should know, to be factually inaccurate. After all, these include the Leader of the Council and Lord Mayor at the time the stadium agreement was signed!”

The statement continued: “Intended or not, these false statements as to the Council’s rights have adversely influenced public opinion as regards to SMC and ourselves as owners and we believe this to be a breach of our Quiet Enjoyment under the terms of the lease. We have already written to the Council to address this matter directly with them. To quote the Council, from Section 10.1 (page 5 of 8 of the Report and page 87 of 92 documents provided to the Riverside Area Committee) of a report dated 31st October 2017 submitted to the Riverside Area Committee, it is recorded that SMC has “not acted unlawfully or in breach of either the terms of its lease or planning consent by erecting the lockable gate”.

“To safeguard against further misconception, SMC believes that it is in the best interests of the community that the headline lease and user agreements of the Stadium be made public. In this regard, the SMC has formally written to the other parties to the agreements (including the Council) to obtain their consent to make these documents public.

“However, in keeping with our current disposition, I have invited an open dialogue with Emma Hardy MP who has been in direct correspondence over the gate issues. I am happy to extend the same invitation to both the Leader of the Council Stephen Brady and the Council’s CEO Matt Jukes.”

Mr Allam concluded by saying: “Strangely, I find myself in agreement with Councillor Geraghty “we should all be pulling together, as one, for this city. We are trying to put this city on the map”