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East Yorkshire History – Radio 270

In 1966 a group of local businessmen established East Yorkshire’s first commercial radio station – Radio 270. Broadcasting legally but without government approval, from the former Dutch fishing lugger Ocean 7 three miles off the Scarborough/Bridlington coast, Radio 270 became very popular throughout Yorkshire and established an audience of over 4 million listeners. Despite numerous problems including the radio mast falling down, leaks in the side of the boat, a studio failure, and sea sickness amongst the DJ’s, Radio 270 was profitable within 9 months and was well-known in and around Beverley and East Yorkshire.

When the Marine Offences Broadcasting Act became law in 1967 outlawing offshore broadcasting from ships, Radio 270 ceased broadcasting with DJ Vince “Rusty” Allen closing the station down at one minute to midnight on 14 August 1967. Due to the efforts of these early 60’s broadcasters, the BBC lost its monopoly and commercial radio became a broadcasting reality in the UK leading to the establishing of community radio much later.

It should be noted that Beverley FM does not support or agree with any form of pirate radio that has emerged in more recent years and none of its 80 volunteers have ever had any connections with any illegal pirate radio stations.

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