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Beverley History – Burgess Ice Cream

Burgess & Son” was originally founded by Mark Burgess, a former Mayor of Beverley in the early 1920’s. Mark and his wife Muriel started a small grocery shop in North Bar Within, Beverley, making the ice cream on the shop’s kitchen stove. At first the ice cream was sold only through the shop and the local cinema. As the business expanded Mark’s son Ian came into the business and had the idea of going mobile. A three wheeler bicycle was purchased and the ice cream was sold around the local streets and markets. In the late 1960’s the general public began to buy home freezers and it was decided to manufacture take home freezer packs. The small factory was enlarged and new machines were purchased to cope with the increasing demand of the take home products. As this side of the business expanded a new factory at Market Weighton was purchased in 1979, solely for the production of bulk ice cream. The picture shows the most famous ice cream shop in Yorkshire on North Bar Within which was famous for many years for having long lines of people waiting to buy their 99’s and regular cones on warm sunny days. Today the shop has long since gone and the┬áMarket Weighton factory makes all the pre-packed icecream, and the icecream for cones, wafers etc. , distributing it to its many outlets thoughtout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.