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Beverley History – Toll Gavel Shops

In this picture from the early 1970’s we see some of Beverley’s best-known shops of the era.

Starting left to right: C.E.Baggs and Son one of the most popular grocers in the town. Next-door is Zernys the local dry-cleaners that was originally called Crockets. Next is Hickory Chix, which closed down just a few months after this photograph was taken, followed by Fine Fare Supermarket. Next comes Maynards that many a schoolboy would enjoy visiting for own brand packet sweets (including the famous ‘wine gums’) and chocolate. Two other shops worthy of mention is Greens Gifts and Toys, which had been in Beverley for many years and far right in the photograph one of the smallest shops in the town at the time, Gee’s Fresh Fish shop.

It is interesting to note that only the dry cleaners (now called Johnsons) remains today all the rest have disappeared and are just memories.