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Beverley History – Thompsons Dairies of Beverley

Recently the national press highlighted the plight of local dairies in the 1980’s as they tried to compete with supermarkets for milk sales. One national newspaper featured Thompsons Dairies as an example. Thompson Dairies was established as a milk distributor in 1882 serving Beverley, Cherry Burton, and surrounding villages. Interestingly enough they never tried to sell milk in Hull where sterilised milk was always more popular than regular silver top milk.

Thompsons finally closed down in 1992 just 10 years after their 100th anniversary in Beverley. Pictured here is Alice Thompson using a Harbilt delivery truck (RBT19) on her milk round in Minster Moorgate in the late 1950’s and Thompsons Dairies milk float seen around beverley until closure of the business.

Thompsons Milk Float

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