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Beverley History – The Old Swimming Baths

Many an older person living in Beverley will remember learning to swim at the old Beverley Baths on Ladygate. Famous for its freezing cold water and total lack of heating, the baths was the only place for miles to gain your swimming proficiency badge and certificate. Famous for it’s changing facilities built over the pool itself and steep drop between the deep and shallow ends, the baths were really inadequate and a dreaded place for many a local school boy or girl all of whom forced to wear a thin swimming cap.

In the late 1970’s the swimming pool closed and eventually became the Beverley headquarters of Sellitt and Soon, the well known second hand reseller. Eventually the baths building was sold to a property developer in 2006 together with the old Playhouse Cinema/Corn Exchange building that later became the prestigious Browns Department Store.

The picture shown was taken during the construction of Browns and is the last known photograph of the old swimming pool during its conversion.