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Beverley History – The Old Grammar School

Beverley Grammar School was founded in 700 AD and is the oldest state school in England. Notable former students include Thomas Percy and Paul Robinson. Beverley Grammar School was founded with the Collegiate Church in Beverley by St. John of Beverley c. 700 CE. Early records suggest that the medieval building, which existed in the southwest corner of the Minster grounds, was demolished in 1602 and replaced on the same site by a stone building in 1609.

This building fell into disrepair and the school moved to a site adjacent to the Headmaster’s house (pictured) on Keldgate in 1816. Changes in local government caused the temporary closure of the school in 1886, but makeshift accommodation was found in Grayburn Lane and the school re-opened in 1889. The school moved to its present location (pictured below) in 1902 and has enjoyed a number of expansion projects as it has grown to accommodate an ever increasing number of students.